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ProfEx is a management consulting group providing solutions to help our clients proactively developing programs directly associated with their business strategy and expansion.

ProfEx was established in 2002, initially as a group dedicated to solve the problems of product designing within the management programs conducted by DNN Company.

Due to the evolution and requirements of Romanian economical environment, many companies found that outsourcing traditional marketing functions like market strategy, research and intelligence, communications, database marketing, and administration have proven to be both a time and cost effective alternative to in-house management of these disciplines. In this context, ProfEx developed its area of activities including management services, product development and sales/marketing solutions.

The main guideline that is driving this company is "people are the most valuable assets for the company" and we sustain this based on the experience and expertise of each one of us and also as a team. Each of us has gained expertise along the years working in various projects, in Romanian or multinational companies. We strongly believe that a good knowledge of the market and of the operators, a good expertise in the field and a proactive approach of the commercial side, doubled by a "turnkey solutions" and "customer partnership approach" as a marketing strategy - are the keys for success.

We are ready not only to trade but as well to offer complete solutions in response to the customers various needs or demands, being a partner not only a trader, making the necessary steps toward the management category.

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